Tuesday Mailblog

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Two blog features you can count on this spring will be the weekly Q&A we started on Wednesdays with either a coach or a player (Butch Davis is up next) and the Mailblog, which you can definitely find here every Friday. So you have the whole week to get questions and comments in. There are a bunch in there now, so I figured I'd get a head start:

Ashwind in Fairfax, Va., writes: HD, Which new player are you most looking forward to watch? You KNOW its Ryan Williams...

Heather Dinich: That's a great question. I think you might be right. There's been so much talk about Williams, it's time to see what he's got, and how the Hokies will use him.

Ben in Morgantown writes: Has Miami truly cut Bryce Brown from its list or did Brown cut them? Where do you think Bryce is going? I look forward to your answers. Thank you and God bless, Ben

Heather Dinich: Thanks for reading, Ben. Miami decided not to continue to pursue Brown, and since he doesn't appear to be headed anywhere in the ACC, I stopped paying attention to him.

Nate in Atlanta writes: Heather, I was just wondering why you didn't include CPJ or David Cutcliffe on your list. Thanks.

Heather Dinich: Well, I didn't include Paul Johnson because he has 19 starters returning from last year's nine-win team, and the list was for coaches who are going to have the toughest coaching jobs this year. Compared to a lot of his colleagues, Johnson has it made. Same with Beamer. As for David Cutcliffe, I think everyone knows what a daunting task turning around Duke football is. He's only entering his second season, so expectations are still moderate to low (although those within the program are obviously aiming higher). You're right though, he's got his hands full.

Travis in Lynchburg, Va., writes: I just want to know why there isn't more excitment coming from the latest news about Vic Hall at QB for UVA? We all know Sewell is good, Vic is great, Riko Smalls is a heck of an athlete and now this new guy who is probably a good reshirt canidate. UVA has some very good prospects at QB just wondering why they aren't being talked about. . . especially if UVA goes to a west coast run and gun Vic and Riko make good runners! Or do you think we could see a number of tricks this year with 3-4 QB's in the back field for UVA. . . Vic, Riko, Sewell Wide outs? Verica or someone else?

Heather Dinich: Well, I think in part because a lot of people (myself included) aren't convinced that Vic Hall is going to be the starting quarterback. My hunch is that Jameel Sewell and Marc Verica turn out to be the No. 1 and No. 2 quarterbacks, respectively. That doesn't mean Hall won't play any quarterback -- clearly he's capable -- but it's not his best position, otherwise he would have been playing there all along. The other thing is that it's kind of hard to get excited about Virginia's offense when they lost so much from last year -- leading rusher, receiver. It's going to take some time I think to pull it all together.

Somebody in Miami writes: What do you think of Miami's depth at the receiver position? And do you think as a corps they are among the best in the Acc?

Heather Dinich: This is definitely the Canes' biggest strength this spring, and yes, this group has the potential to be the best unit in the ACC, but let's wait until we get into summer camp before we start doing those kinds of rankings. As of now, it's probably the deepest group in the ACC. Of the 17 touchdowns scored by true freshmen last year at Miami, 14 were touchdown receptions by Laron Byrd, Travis Benjamin, Aldarius Johnson, Thearon Collier and Davon Johnson.

Check back Friday for more.