Clemson's Swinney scouts his quarterbacks

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

A lot of readers have been asking about Clemson's quarterback situation, which will primarily be a competition this spring and summer between Kyle Parker and Willy Korn. Since the Tigers started practice on Monday, I was able to get coach Dabo Swinney's scouting report on them. One comment stood out far more than the rest. Swinney compared Parker's arm strength to NFL quarterbacks. As in, all of them.

Here is Swinney's take on his QBs:

The good news for us as coaches is that Willy Korn, Kyle Parker and Michael Wade, they all have a lot of the same strengths. They all have great stuff you love for a quarterback to have. They have those great intangibles, they're all competitive, tough guys, they'll all try to outwork each other, they're all mobile guys. It's not like you have to have one system for this guy, one system for that guy. They're all capable of doing what we want them to do. That's the good thing.

They do have some individual strengths. For example, Kyle Parker: great pedigree, great athlete, two-sport star in high school. He's got as strong an arm as there probably is in the NFL. He can absolutely throw the ball on a rope. Willy Korn: great, great pedigree; two or three state championships; a great leader; has some things you can't coach as far as some of his intangibles. The biggest thing with Willy is he's been here two years, he's been hurt two years. He's had a broken collarbone and he's had shoulder surgery. The big question with him is where is he physically? Is he in a position to compete with those other two guys? And then Michael Wade -- he can run, he's got good size, he's a tough kid, probably doesn't have quite the arm strength of those other guys, but is still a very good player. They're very similar in a lot of ways.

Considering Korn got some playing time last year when Cullen Harper was benched, he's got a bit of an edge when it comes to experience, but it doesn't sound like this is going to be a job that will be won before summer camp.