What you're saying: FSU sanctions a hot topic

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Sometimes, when I read the ACC mailbag, I feel like a bartender. Tell me how you really feel about the sanctions on FSU? You still care about Bryce Brown? Have another ...

There are as many comments in there as there are questions, which is great, because it gives me an idea of how the fans feel about things. We'll do the regular mailblog on Friday, but I figured why not just let you have your say with so many strong opinions floating around in there about the FSU sanctions.

Roy in Tallahassee yelled: Has the NCAA turned a blind eye to USC? What about Reggie Bush? The money to him and his family? And what about OJ Mayo? Has the NCAA forgotten about that? To me, the NCAA has it out for FSU. There is also a lesson for other universities, don't self report!

Justin in Tallahassee wrote: I really think FSU will keep the wins. OU almost lost wins recently and appealled with a defense that would be similar to ours and won! Also, I don't really feel the punishment fits the crime...why were no wins vacated from UF in 85 or 90, they lost titles but not wins. I really think vacating wins is a sticky mess and they will back down from that. As Wilbon said, he'll believe it when he sees it because they will also realize how lucrative the wins race will be the next 2 years.

Another Justin in Orlando wrote: Unfortunately for everyone at FSU it seems that the NCAA is more about making a statement with this situation. Because Bobby Bowden is the Bobby Bowden they will probably force FSU to vacate a number of wins. Which is very unfortunate for a man who has worked for most of his life to get to where he is today. In the end if Bobby Bowden has more wins than Joe Paterno, regardless of the vacated wins, he will be the winningest coach of all time.

Rob from Milwaukee wrote: In reality, the sanctions given FSU are a joke. They lose, what, one schollie this year, then two next year? Please. Normally the FSU folks would be doing cart-wheeles down the block over this light slap on the wrist. So why are they talking about appealing? Because of the impact on Bowden's record. And I love Bobby Bowden, but this isn't the first time FSU has been involved in some shady academic issues. So maybe it's appropriate that something like this boots him out of the running for the mythical title of "most wins ever". By the way, it's good to see you stepping up in your career yet again. I'm a Penn Stater, so I remember your tenure at the CDT, where you did a great job. As I look at the ACC for the upcoming season, the big, big story is of course North Carolina, followed by the BC coaching change. And I tingle in anticipation of the "Charlie Weiss Death Watch". Isn't College Football the greatest game on turf?

Mike in Leesburg wrote: Heather, anyone giving you a hard time about saying the Hokies were a bit lucky last year isn't paying attention and you shouldn't pay attention to them. You are right, but I told you we would ride mediocrity to the Championship based on coaching and defense. The coaches got everything they could out of last year's team, I just hope they can get all of the potential out of this year's team.

Carlos in Miami wrote: Heather, You missed a great scrimmage on Saturday over at the U. The team is looking nasty!!