ACC salary sacrilege

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

There was one thing that jumped out at me when checking out the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's ACC salary breakdown -- Al Groh makes more than Frank Beamer? We're talking base salary, and it's only a difference of $19,393, but who wouldn't want an extra 20 grand in his pocket, especially after winning three ACC titles in five years?

The most important comparison, though, is their head-to-head record. Since Groh took over at Virginia in 2001, he has defeated Beamer in the Commonwealth Cup rivalry game just once.

Beamer should be one of the top three highest-paid coaches in the ACC. While North Carolina and Georgia Tech were smart to pony up the money to keep Butch Davis and Paul Johnson around -- they've got to stay competitive against SEC salaries -- neither has earned his paycheck yet like Beamer has.