ACC in the afternoon

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

I didn't forget the links, but I did forget to eat lunch. Here's a look at what's happening around the ACC today:

Florida State president T.K. Wetherell said today the university plans to appeal the NCAA's sanction requiring the Noles to vacate wins. I listened to this teleconference, and there wasn't much new that came out of it. Wetherell tried to get the reporters in the room to look at the big picture and insisted they weren't just doing this for coach Bobby Bowden.

Here is the Orlando Sentinel's story on it. The man at the heart of the controversy, though, won't say a peep. Not that anyone had a chance to ask on Monday. (As an added note for FSU fans, Corey Surrency DID practice today, but still no ruling.)

And you thought I was kidding about NC State needing a little luck. Once quarterback Russell Wilson returns from his knee injury, he'll have some work to do if he wants to keep his job.

Former Miami recruit Bryce Brown handed a Miami cap to his brother during his announcement on Monday and said, "I'm going to let you handle that down there." Um, I think Miami had already handled it a few weeks ago.

Boston College started spring practice today without one of its top defenders.