Bonus Mailblog question: Beamer's salary

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Last week, I did a blog post based on ACC coaching salaries, and compared Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer with Virginia coach Al Groh. It prompted a discussion that led to this question by loyal reader "vthokielover8" ...

HD, Don't know if there is any truth to this but can you confirm or deny what dhodge has said below: I think about 4 years back Beamer held out on his contract to renegotiate just so he could give all his assistants raises. I wanna say it was after the 04' season and Sugar bowl trip. I feel like i heard something about this too

Here's what happened, according to a school spokesperson: In 2005, when Beamer's new contract was being negotiated, he was steadfast that he wouldn't agree to any new contract that didn't include salary raises across the board for each of his nine full-time assistant coaches. When the terms were finalized, they included substantial pay increases for his assistant coaches.

The only holdup in the negotiations that had been going for three months was his stipulation for the assistant coaches. Beamer was quoted during the process as saying, "That's all I'm looking for. I don't need all the other stuff."

At the time, it made him the second-highest paid coach in the ACC behind Bobby Bowden. As to whether or not Beamer lost any money because of the raises his assistants got, I'm not sure, but it's these kinds of things that lead to staff loyalty. You'll find the same thing at Wake Forest, where coach Jim Grobe isn't likely to take another job unless all nine of his assistants are hired with him.

With all of the turnover in college football, it's rare to keep staffs intact like these guys do, but it absolutely makes a difference on the field. It helps build relationships in recruiting, there is familiarity and a sense of family that trickles down from the staff, and it helps in the players' understanding of the playbook because they're not learning new systems every two years. And those are all things you can't put a pricetag on.