Ohio State tours Tobacco Road

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Clemson visited Texas, Virginia Tech went to Georgia, and Wake Forest checked out TCU, but the ACC also has a few things to offer. It's common for staffs to travel to other programs during the offseason to pick up tips and copy from playbooks, and Ohio State's staff made its way to Duke, North Carolina, Wake Forest and NC State this offseason.

Quite frankly, it doesn't seem like Jim Tressel was too impressed:

"The first thing we talked about is we have great facilities here," Tressel told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "And the second thing is we have great kids. And the third thing is a lot of the things we saw others doing well, we were doing them very similarly. And maybe even some things we felt as if maybe we were a touch ahead in that category. Certainly we're not woe is me. And sometimes you need to go look around and recognize that maybe we're doing things OK."

Sure, if you consider the ninth-best offense in the Big Ten and the 105th best passing offense in the country "OK."

Then again, the ACC isn't exactly the conference to pilfer from if you're looking to revamp an offense. Hence the reason Clemson went to Texas.