Bonus mailblog

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Ah, what the heck, why not? A few more questions have trickled in since this morning, so let's have some Friday fun with the mailbag ...

Miami fans are wondering about the hire of John Lovett as defensive coordinator. Check it out:

Chris in Port St Lucie, FL writes: HD: My question is in regards to the opinion of you and others of Coach John Lovett. As you know, it has been "Whipple-mania" down here and Lovett is skating by quietly at the moment. I would like to get a little perspective as to what is the common perception of Coach Lovett and do you think that he can be successful at the U?

Mike in Boston writes: Ever sense the OC and DC hires at Miami, Whipple has been getting a ton of media attention while Lovett has been relatively ignored. What are your thoughts on our new DC as compared to Bill Young?
Heather Dinich: First, to be fair, I haven't talked to Lovett yet. In talking with other coaches, though, Young was very highly regarded among his peers and well-respected. Lovett has earned a reputation as a hard worker, and a good motivator who is knowledgeable and very committed. On the other hand, he was fired at Auburn, and Tommy Bowden fired him at Clemson. He was special teams coordinator at North Carolina. It wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't Randy Shannon's first choice, but Lovett is there now, and Shannon said he had a good spring and earned the players' respect. This one is worth reserving judgment on until Lovett is given a chance at Miami.

John in Morris Plains, NJ writes: Could you explain why you think Spaziani was the right hire for BC even though you don't think he will even get the team to the top half of the conference standings this year?

Heather Dinich: I can and I will. Spaz knows that program inside and out, and genuinely cares about it. He is reflective of the blue-collar players the staff brings in there, and will do a good job recruiting. His defenses have been stellar, but he's fighting an uphill battle this season because the offense is learning a new system, they don't know who their starting quarterback is yet, and they've got to revamp the defensive line. All of the other teams in the Atlantic Division except Clemson have experienced quarterbacks, which in turn gives them a bit of a head start on the Eagles. And what Clemson doesn't have at QB, it compensates for with C.J. Spiller and Jacoby Ford. BC has one of the better o-lines in the conference, though, so we'll see. But as of right now, Spaz has more questions than answers.

A Jackets fan in Carrollton, Ga, writes: Heather: Much has been said and written about how Ga Tech's A-Backs have had a hard time learning to cut block, an essential in the option...couldn't block and STILL ran up 400 yards rushing on Uga...LOOK OUT!

Heather Dinich: Yeah, and those 164 yards on the ground really did LSU in, too ... Certainly no room for improvement in Atlanta.

William writes: Aramide Olaniyan signed with Duke. He's a big-time prospect. Warrants mentioning on your blog.

Heather Dinich: Consider it done, thanks.