Ryan Williams says 'no thanks' to returns

Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams was expected to take over kickoff return duties against North Carolina this past weekend after No. 3 tailback David Wilson was diagnosed with mono. Instead, the job fell to Jayron Hosley and Rashad Carmichael.

"Ryan decided he'd rather not do that," coach Frank Beamer said. "You want a guy back there who wants to be there. I'm not sure what Ryan's reason was, but it was his decision."

Virginia Tech is fortunate it has enough talented athletes that quite frankly, it doesn't really matter who's back there. There are plenty of options. So it makes sense that Beamer is looking for players who want to be there. He's got the luxury of auditions.

"When you're talking about punt returners and kickoff returners," Beamer said, "they've got a lot of say there as far as whether they want to do it or not."

Carmichael and Hosley should be the returners against Miami on Saturday. As for Wilson, his status is still unclear. It will be announced on Thursday's injury report.

"You hope you've got him, that's for sure," Beamer said. "He's feeling great. He's feeling really good. I know Coach [Billy] Hite talked to him yesterday morning."

Defensive end Chris Drager's status will also be updated on Thursday.