Duke a bigger challenge than Miami?

Duke is not an opponent Georgia Tech should be taking lightly this weekend.

Despite the Blue Devils' 3-7 record, this is a team that can beat the Jackets, who have only won two more games than Duke this year. Quarterback Sean Renfree has been playing well -- no interceptions in the past three games -- and Duke has won two of its past three. Add to that Duke's experience this year against option-loving opponents Army and Navy, and it's possible the Blue Devils put Georgia Tech's bowl hopes on hold yet another weekend.

Renfree (255.5 ypg) ranks second in the ACC in passing yardage, Conner Vernon leads the ACC in receptions per game (6.1) and linebacker Abraham Kromah ranks second in the league in tackles (96).

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson said he expects quarterback Tevin Washington to be challenged even more this weekend than he was in last week's 35-10 loss to Miami.

“You hope that he has gained confidence and will be consistent," Johnson said at this week's press conference. "This weekend might be harder for Tevin than last week. Last week, and this may sound funny because we were beaten so badly, but we had a good beat on what they were doing. And he had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen on the option every time. This week will be a little different. They move around and jump around and people take different guys. It will be more challenging. I said last week going into the game we weren’t going to ask Tevin to do anything that he hasn’t done in practice and it will be the same this week. Once again, you have to play the game.”