Friday mailblog

You asked, I answered ...

Kylegtfan in Atlanta, Ga., writes: I read your blog every day and enjoy it, but as a GT fan my year has been bad enough, but now you go and predict my Jackets to fall, at home, to duke, on SENIOR DAY! C'mon HD Tech won by 39 last year... yes Tech is probably the biggest disappointment in the ACC this year, but Duke putting up 35 on the jackets in Bobby Dodd? C'MON even you can't believe that. My prediction... tech wins by 3+ TD because they are so disgusted by your prediction.

HD: I know, I know, man, sorry. Look, I picked your Jackets to win last weekend and look what happened -- they scored 10 points! Duke is playing good football right now and I know David Cutcliffe will have them prepared and ready. I could be totally wrong, but I think the Blue Devils will show up and at least make it a close game.

Bob in Stamford, Conn., writes: Will anyone wear # 31 for BC on Saturday? With Wes Davis the Jay McGillis scholarship student-athlete, it seems someone should carry on the tradition of wearing the late player's number on senior day. If not Davis, who will it be, if anyone? In my opinion, it is one of BC's better traditions.

HD: DeLeon Gause was actually the McGillis award winner this year. (Davis last year.) Oddly enough, both are injured and won’t play, so BC will forego the jersey this year and Gause and Davis will be introduced at the game as the past two winners.

Danny in College Park, Md., writes: Heather,I couldn't help but notice you neglected to discuss Danny O'Brien in "What to Watch in the ACC" Rookie Quarterback discussion. I'm willing to say already that he has ACC Rookie of the Year locked up, and he could very well lead this team to an ACC Championship game. What are your thoughts on DOB and his place in the future of this program, including your prediction with what will happen in the next two weeks?

HD: Well, that's because Danny is the starter. That was in reference to backup rookies EJ Manuel and Stephen Morris. As for DOB and his future, I think he has the ability to be a special quarterback for the Terps, and that's one big thing they've been missing. Regarding the next two weeks, I think Maryland is good enough to win one of those games, but not both of them.

John in Madison, Fla., writes: Why is it that FSU statred out the year running the ball with ease against opposing teams, and now the Noles are having difficulty having a steady ground game?

HD: FSU didn't get worse -- the defenses have gotten better. Clemson, Carolina, BC -- all in the top half of the ACC in rushing defense. And it's not going to get any easier for the Noles. Guess who's No. 3 in the ACC in rushing D? The Terps. Plus, there has been a lot of inconsistency up front for FSU this year with injuries. They've had three different starters at left tackle and three at right guard.

John in Raleigh writes: Hey Heather, where's the love for Nate Irving been? He only broke a NCAA record with 8 TFLs last week and now ranks second in the NCAA for TFLs on the season?

HD: Yeah, you guys are totally right. I got a lot of notes in the mailbag about Irving, and he probably deserved more ink this week. The problem is, it came against Wake Forest, and he's been overshadowed by two other players -- Da'Quan Bowers and Luke Kuechly. Irving has been an incredible story this year considering his comeback, and if the Pack win the Atlantic Division, he should get some consideration for Defensive Player of the Year, but Kuechly and Bowers have been better this year.