Ponder says elbow not an issue

Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder had to have fluid drained from his elbow again following the win over Florida, but he said on Monday it shouldn't be a hindrance against Virginia Tech in the Dr Pepper ACC Championship Game on Saturday.

"I don't think it will be an issue," Ponder said. "I think the biggest thing was just getting that fluid out so I can practice all week. I feel a lot better. It was hurting a little bit after the game. It was definitely swollen. They got it out. I feel pretty good now."

Ponder said it doesn't usually swell up until the end of the game, and that his adrenaline keeps him from feeling much pain, if any. The key, he said, will be trying to avoid getting hit on his elbow.

"It's football, so that's pretty much impossible to do," he said. "I'll wear some padding on there and wear some sleeves to hopefully keep it from swelling up too bad."