Friday Mailblog

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Dustin in Tallahassee, Fla., writes: HD I was just wondering after watching the FSU spring game, and looking ahead to the tough schedule with key games against Miami, BYU and Florida, how many victories do you think Florida State will accumulate this season?

Heather Dinich: I wasn't there for the spring game. I see at least seven wins on the schedule, but there are tricky games there. For instance, at Wake Forest. No need to remind FSU fans how that series has gone recently. BYU has a good offense, but the defense is notoriously slow. FSU's speed should have the edge, especially if they watch the TCU film from last year. Boston College gave FSU trouble last year. If there's one game the Noles will want redemption in, it should be Georgia Tech. Nobody likes to lose like that. Speaking of the Noles' schedule ...

Will in Orlando writes: I read where you said FSU would beat Florida. Where does this come from? Florida is returing every starter on D. Is ponder that good.

HD: I would love to know where that came from, Will, because I certainly don't remember writing that, and I don't think FSU will beat Florida.

Donny in Coconut Grove, Fla., writes: Hey HD, I picked up your blog a couple months back and am very grateful for it--thanks! My question is this: so far your stated opinion of Miami is that next year's going to be a crapshoot, could go either way. As someone who reads both the Miami recruiting sites and fan blogs, the general consensus is that there has been marked improvement since last year. Besides the built in optimism for the home team, how do you account for the disparity between your feelings and those of the Miami fans/people inside the program?

HD: Thanks for reading, Donny. I also agree there was improvement this spring and there is a ton of talent on Miami's roster. Those within the program have to be optimistic. They certainly can't head into that schedule with their confidence wavering, and the players and coaches I've talked to have all said they're ready to rock. Not even they know, though, how the young players will respond to a new offense and new defense when the lights come on.

John in Blacksburg writes: Looking over VT's schedule for the last 7 years, the Hokies have *averaged* only one loss at home a year. If this plays true for next season, which team do you think will pull it off and why? (North Carolina on a Thursday Night and NC state in November are two scenarios that traditionally VT is exceptionally good, so I might have to disagree if you pick either of those.)

HD: First, a disclaimer: those were his astericks, not mine. Second, I love it when readers disagree with my answer before I even answer. I don't think UNC is going to win in Blacksburg on a Thursday night. If NC State is playing for something at the end of the season like I think it might be, that could be the game. Duke almost beat VT with its backup quarterback last year in Blacksburg, so nothing is impossible. So I think it would be either Miami or NC State.

Tommy in Richmond writes: HD, I know that the qb situation at UVA is up for grabs between mainly Hall and Sewell. What other position is the biggest question for them this offseason?

HD: That's a tough question because they lost so much. I'd say their losses at linebacker were huge. Clint Sintim, Antonio Appleby and Jon Copper will all be sorely missed. The linebackers and receivers are probably the biggest questions marks. For the first time in the Al Groh era, they don't have a proven tight end, but that position isn't as much of a pass catcher as it was in the previous offense.

Michael in North Cackalacky writes: HD, has there been any mention at Wake of moving Skylar Jones to receiver or something? If he ends up losing out on the backup job I can't imagine keeping an athlete with his speed on the sideline for another entire season.

HD: Not that I've heard, and considering they already lost one backup quarterback, I'd be really surprised if they intentionally moved another.