Bowl selection process unfair to Terps

If results mean anything -- especially head-to-head results -- Maryland should have been chosen by the Champs Sports Bowl.

Instead, that's where NC State is headed this year, despite the fact the Wolfpack lost to Maryland in the regular-season finale and lost its chance to play in the ACC title game. NC State will go to sunny Orlando. Maryland will travel a few miles to the eyesore known as RFK Stadium, which looks as cold as D.C. in December.

Instead of complaining about it, though, coach Ralph Friedgen and his AD, Kevin Anderson, are reaching out to the fans for their support. That's something they haven't gotten much of attendance-wise in Byrd Stadium this year, but after two wins in 2009 and an underwhelming home schedule, it's hard to blame Maryland fans.

There's not much more Friedgen and his team could have done, though, to make a better case for the Champs Sports Bowl. Maryland has the ACC's Coach of the Year, the Rookie of the Year, and the second-best turnaround story in the FBS this year. What they don't have right now is a lot of sold-out games, or a bowl game that reflects the success they had this year.