Friday Mailblog

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Technically, I'm still in the nation's capital. Frankly, I'm tired of politics. So let's get back to football before we call it a day.

FSUsBiggestFan writes: Hey HD, Just curious to see what your rankings of the toughest schedules are in the ACC ting year 1 being toughest 12 being easiest, think you can do a post on that? and do you know where we can find the national rankings? Thanks Heather, keep up the good work!

Heather Dinich: Thanks for reading, man. I actually answered your question back in February, when the schedules were announced, but no harm bringing it up again. If I had to do it over (now that I've had two months to mull it over), I might switch Virginia Tech with Georgia Tech. The fact the Hokies didn't schedule any FCS schools is impressive.

Chris F. in Monmouth, IL, writes: My question for the mailblog is: Which teams do you see emerging as the ACC's superpowers the next few years? Will Virginia Tech be a regular in the Orange Bowl over the next few years or will Florida State and Miami reign supreme once again? Who do you see in the 2011 ACC Title game?

HD: Tough, tough questions, Chris, because so many teams are making improvements. Florida State and Miami are recruiting national championship-caliber players. At least for the last two years, Virginia Tech HAS been a regular in the Orange Bowl, but I think that trend will change. Georgia Tech, UNC and NC State are on the rise. As for 2011, I'm going to go with Miami and Florida State.

Patrick from Georgia Tech writes: HD, Hey, love the blog. I have sort of a hypothetical question for you. Let's say that Dwyer has a Heisman like year. Do you think the voters will shy away from him because of the system he plays in, like some say what happened to Colt Brennan? Also, I am tired of all QB Heisman races...

HD: I don't think the voters would penalize a player because of the system he plays in, but I think they'd shy away from him if, say, Tim Tebow has another Heisman-worthy season, or Colt McCoy.

And finally, a comment from Donny, in Coconut Grove, Fla.: Hey Heather! Just a couple of things: First, as far as "Spring Names to Remember" I think you have to take Mike James over Kendal Thompkins. From all reports he came in with a worker's mentality and was making big plays like the vets from day one. He's also got the physical attributes of an older back: weighs 215-220, benches 350 (most of ALL Miami skill position players). Add that to how injury prone Javaris is and he's going to see some solid pt next year. Second, a few thoughts on Jimmy Graham's announcement. I don't see a problem with him competing for a starting job as a receiving tight end. He ran a 4.6 40 this spring (even if that's a 4.8 in pads it would be fine), and from watching him on the court he's got the hands. It will, however, be difficult to get him blocking well. At 6'8", it's hard to get experienced ends to lower their pad level enough, let alone a virtual newby. Lastly, I hate to rub it in, but it feels so good. At this rate FSU isn't going to have any receivers left and will have to revert to a power I or a T formation next season!

HD: The one comment I'll address is Mike James -- he's got a lot of guys in front of him, and I'm told he could be a redshirt candidate.