How didn't Bowden know?

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

I like Bobby Bowden. Really, I do. Count me among the many who will miss his humor and perspective when he decides to retire. But this question has to be asked: How did Bowden not know by Saturday that Cameron Wade had missed his court date? That story broke last Thursday.

Andrew Carter of the Orlando Sentinel has been following Bowden around on his annual spring booster tour, and on Saturday, Carter asked Bowden about Wade.

"Did he miss it?" Bowden responded.

"He is a fine young man, really," Bowden said. "His high school career and everything was spotless and when he's been at our place, I never hear any bad things about him, except he has had a couple of run-ins that boys have. Now, missing a court [date]? I don't know what that is. Maybe he has a very logical reason. But maybe he doesn't. I don't think there's much of a story there."

As Florida State waits to hear back from the NCAA regarding its appeal on vacating wins -- an argument based in part on the fact Bowden did not knowingly play ineligible athletes -- the issue of culpability is at the forefront in Tallahassee.

Bowden, at least by Friday, should have been informed by either a member of his staff or by reading the paper that there was a warrant out for one of his receivers.

Maybe Bowden is right. Maybe Wade had a very good reason for missing his court date, leading to a warrant for his arrest. Maybe Wade is a fine young man. I'll take Bowden's word for it. After all, he is the head coach -- he should know.