ACC spring meetings update: Day 1

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. -- Here are a few quick hits from this morning's meetings:

  • TRAVEL SQUAD SIZE: One of the more pressing issues here is "cost containment." Even college football programs are facing tough economic times. Currently, there are no restrictions as to how many players can make the travel squad. The athletic directors are hoping coaches can help trim their budgets by trimming their travel rosters. This will likely be discussed further on Tuesday when the coaches and ADs meet.

  • EARLY SIGNING DATE: This is something the ACC coaches have long been in favor of, and they are trying to come up with a different way of bringing it into the national spotlight. It's the third year in a row they've brought it up.

  • FBS vs. FCS: There appears to be some interest on the part of the NCAA's football issues committee to revert back to the old rule that only one FBS win will count every four years. It could impact future scheduling, at earliest 2010. More than just an "easy win" goes into scheduling the nonconference games, though, and they are decisions that affect the athletic directors and their budgets. Virginia Tech athletic director Jim Weaver told me he's asked his coaches to try to schedule nonconference competition no farther than one state removed. "We don't want anybody going west of the Mississippi River," he said.

  • MR. SWOFFORD GOES TO WASHINGTON: ACC associate commissioner/football Michael Kelly briefed the coaches on the recent BCS hearing in Congress. The buzz in the hallways was that most people -- athletic directors and the coaches -- seem resigned to the fact nothing appears to be changing anytime soon. Not that they don't want to see change. Last year, the coaches voted 10-2 to pursue the plus-one formula, but at those BCS meetings, there wasn't enough support then.

  • WELCOME, GMAC BOWL: The ACC's new bowl and its location of Mobile, Ala., was well-received by the coaches, but it's a one-year deal, so we'll have to wait and see if the conference keeps this partnership.

  • NON-ISSUES: Two things that weren't discussed: The ACC championship game (as in, sites or attendance). That was a topic discussed at length at the league's winter meetings. The other topic that has never been discussed anywhere besides the rumor mill is the possibility of conference realignment. The current football schedule is set through 2015. That doesn't mean it can't change or would never be discussed, but it hasn't been so far and ACC officials aren't sure where that started.