ACC spring meetings update: Day 2

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. -- There was a lot of talk about possible action, but not a lot of action. Here are the main issues that were discussed today and will be discussed further tomorrow in the final meetings with the athletic directors:

  • Staff size limits for non-coaching personnel. We all know it happens. Former coaches are hired as video coordinators and break down film. Former coordinators are hired as GAs. Everyone complies with the nine assistants rule, but sidelines in the summer reveal there are more coaches at work, and the ACC is putting together a subcommittee of coaches, athletic directors and faculty representatives to develop a proposal. The ADs feel it's an important enough issue, but weren't able to come up with a concrete proposal right now. A specific number wasn't proposed. They'd like to get a better stance by the end of the month or by the second week of June. There isn't any current legislation, but it's something the NCAA recruiting coordinator is likely to look into in June.

  • Early signing date. The coaches will continue to push for the third Wednesday in December, (Wednesday through Friday), as an early signing date. It's possible the ACC will sponsor and submit its own legislation as opposed to waiting for other conferences to take the lead.

  • Travel squad size. The proposed number was cutting the football travel rosters to 72. The SEC currently limits its rosters to 70.