ACC's lunchtime links

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

So Boston College coach Frank Spaziani is looking for a quarterback. Why not ask a Flutie? At this point, everyone is an option, including Billy Flutie.

"It's a challenging situation," Spaziani told the Boston Herald. "But the written Chinese word for crisis consists of two symbols, one for danger and one for opportunity. You know which one I favor."

UNC picked up an offensive lineman who wanted to play in the ACC.

And, as we learned yesterday, FSU's appeal process is still ongoing and not much was learned.

The guys over at 850 the Buzz in Raleigh are bummed there won't be any live wolves roaming the sidelines at NC State games this fall. Check out TOBs Q&A, though. Plenty of other interesting things in his recent chat.