Q&A with Georgia Tech's Roddy Jones

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Georgia Tech A-back Roddy Jones is not only a great ball carrier, he's also well-spoken and a great interview. Jones was the Yellow Jackets' second-leading rusher last year with 690 yards on just 81 carries. His rushing average of 8.5 yards per carry was one of the highest among all FBS players. Together with Jonathan Dwyer, they'll provide one of the most formidable backfields in the ACC. I caught up with Jones on Monday. Here are the highlights of my interview:

How do you think Georgia Tech's running game is going to be different next year? It seems like you've got a couple more bodies.

RJ: We'll definitely be deeper with some of the guys we've got this year, like Anthony Allen is going to be playing -- he can play both A- and B-back. Marcus Wright had a great spring. He'll be out there, Embry Peeples. We'll definitely be a lot deeper in the backfield, and it should be exciting.

How are you guys about sharing the ball?

RJ: Everybody knows their place in our offense. Everybody knows their number is going to be called at times, but when it's not, you've got to go out and block, and everybody is OK with that. We just try to make the most of our opportunities when we get the ball in our hands.

How do you think it's going to be different? I know there will be some new faces, but ... might some guys have different roles?

RJ: Anthony is really the only one who's working at both A and B Back. As far as it being different, I think coach [Paul] Johnson is going to add a couple new wrinkles, maybe a few new counter plays. We may run some more of the options we didn't run. Mainly it will be our understanding of it and how we execute. I think you'll see us be more crisp this year and more consistent with it.

How much easier was it going through this spring?

RJ: From last spring? It was 100 times easier. Last spring, coach Johnson had just come in and we were trying to learn the offense, and he was throwing a lot at us. This spring we got to install everything really fast. Guys retained a lot from the fall. We got everything in and got to work on the details. We got to add some new stuff. So spring was a lot more fun than last spring.

What do you say to fans who say ACC defenses are going to know what to do against you guys this year?

RJ: I tell them to watch the games this year because coach Johnson preaches that if we execute, nobody in the country can stop us. When he was at Georgia Southern, they played the same teams every year. When he was at Navy, they played the same teams every year. The offense was always successful. There's no reason why that wouldn't be the same case here.

Stay tuned for Part II, when Roddy discusses his major league baseball aspirations and last year's LSU game (kind of) ...