Counting down the ACC's top 30 players: No. 25

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

25. Sergio Render, LG, Virginia Tech, Sr., 6-foot-4, 324

Why he's here: He's experienced, strong and powerful, and those three attributes help Render get movement at the point of attack, which is one of his assents in the run game and helps him to create space in the running lanes. That's a strong suit for him. He's able to finish blocks and at times can dominate. He plays at a high level but needs to be more consistent in his approach. He's good at one-on-one pass protection and is able to anchor the upfield charge.

One of the reasons Tyrod Taylor can step up in the pocket is because Virginia Tech's guards can soften the push on the pass rush from the defensive interior. When that happens, there are lanes for Taylor to throw or pull the ball down and run with it. Render helps pave the way for Taylor's shifty feet.