Friday mailblog

Thanks, NC State students, for showing me the other side of the story. Earlier this week I linked to a story in the Pack's school newspaper which called for quarterback Russell Wilson to return. I got a note from Nick at NC State that gave the link to the Mike Glennon fans. The mailbag isn't only for questions, but I got a few of those, too ...

Kenneth in Chester, Va., writes: First I agreed with your article on Marvin Austin he should not be eligible to play in the East-West game. So with that said when will the NCAA come down with penalties against UNC or are they going to get off scott free?

HD: Thanks. I would be very surprised if there weren't any repercussions, especially considering how long the investigation has taken, and how much has already surfaced from it. As to what the penalties will be? I honestly don't think even UNC officials know the answer to that just yet. It's important to remember, though, that UNC hasn't gotten off "scott free." More than a dozen players had their seasons derailed, and a few missed the whole year. There have already been consequences.

Drew in Atlanta, Ga., writes: Hi Heather,With recruiting once again atop the CFB chatter, I can't help but wonder what happened to the highly-touted Jeff Luc from FSU. I believe I saw him play early in the season, but that's about it. Do you have any news on his progress/status? Thanks.

HD: Jeff is an exceptional athlete, but he went through a learning curve in 2010. He was a little stiff in the hips, and made the move from middle to outside linebacker. He played in eight games in 2010 (8 tackles, 1 TFL). The staff is excited about his upside, and he'll have a chance to make a move this spring with the loss of two starting linebackers, so he's definitely a player to watch this offseason.

T-Man in Waycross, Ga., writes: With Fla. State on the rise, do u think Miami has a chance to contend with them in the next couple of years or with any other school such as a virginia tech,clemson,or even flordia being they play again in 2012 ( i think) even if there recruiting are doin well in the next couple of years?

HD: I think Miami can contend with Florida State NOW. Yes, the Noles are better and ahead of the game under Jimbo Fisher, but I don't think Miami is starting from scratch. Randy Shannon and his staff hadn't recruited as well as they did in the first year or two they took over, but they got a good foundation going for Al Golden. Mike London had to start from scratch at Virginia. I think more pieces are in place for Golden, and also for Randy Edsall at Maryland. Speaking of Edsall ...

Jimmy in Damascus, Md., writes: Heather! With the addition of Todd Bradford, Edsall is putting together a very experienced coaching staff...adding a former DC as a position coach to go with two former HC's as coordinators is encouraging. Keeping Don Brown made a lot of Terp fans happy. But from a different angle, does the pilgrimage to College Park of three coaches from seemingly equal-or-better jobs (DC at S.Miss, OC at LSU, HC at BCS-bowling UConn) signal something about the players in place at Maryland? Perhaps that the opportunity to do something special there seems particularly strong to a smart group of career-savvy coaches? Is this something everyone else is missing so far?

HD: You're right, the experience on Edsall's staff is impressive, especially if they all have no problem conceding their head coaching authority. The pieces are definitely in place for Maryland to contend for the Atlantic Division this year, especially with Danny O'Brien returning, but each coach has his own circumstances for joining the staff. I'm not sure how much longer Gary Crowton would have lasted on LSU's staff, for example, so the timing of this opening was perfect for him. For Edsall, who grew up near Maryland and going to games, this was a chance to do something special at a program that had always been on his radar, and I think he'll do that.

Jeff in West Columbia, S.C., writes: I see that my Tigers still have a shot at Clowney, but one thing irks me. What's the point in having a signing day if recruits are allowed to sign after it? We saw this a while back with Pryor and ever since then I have loathed hearing his name. What good is there for a recruit to "hold out" like this? It just seems to me like it's a way for these kids to get some spotlight before they even prove they can do anything at the college level. Your thoughts?

HD: You don't want my thoughts, Jeff, there's not enough room in the blogosphere for what I think about the whole recruiting process. The only players who can hold out are the great ones, and yes, I agree it's an ego-based process. Most of the recruits want to get it over with, have parties, go through the hoopla in their gym, and the one day is a huge money maker for many people across the country. The only guys who don't sign on signing day are the ones who want to stay in the headlines longer.