Friday Mailblog: Your thoughts on scheduling

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Mark Kugler writes: What is the fantasy about Miami vs Ohio State I think they play the next two years. A fantasy would be a Canes /Gator every year or 2 out 4

Heather Dinich: Yeah, I probably could've picked a better one for Miami, but I, obviously, wasn't thinking about future schedules too much, even though I did pick Clemson/Georgia. Miami/Ohio State is just a game I'd really like to see. I'd love to see Florida and Miami play every year, though, and I think they should.

Pete in Alexandria writes: HD, love the blog - helps me get through tough work days!As a Wahoo, though, I have to disagree with your pick for Virginia's fantasy match up. I understand the comparison of OSU and TTech (and our heartbreaking bowl loss two years ago), but I don't think the match up is actually that compelling. The game I've always wanted to see is U.Va vs. Stanford. Two elite academic institutions that have struggling football programs and have a lot of success in the non-revenue generating sports. While the game might not be as great as VTech vs. USC, the back stories would be a lot more interesting. Just a thought.Keep up the good work, and take more trips to Cville (it's a heckuva lot nicer than Blacksburg, even if the football isn't as good)!

HD: Thanks, Pete, and you're right, this would be a great matchup. Good call. And I love the drive to Charlottesville. Get in the hunt for the Coastal and I'll be there.

Edwin writes: Heather, how long do you think Clemson AD Terry Don Phillips will give Dabo Swinney to play in, if not win, the ACC title game before he is shown the door?

HD: I think three seasons is the usual fair amount. This year will still be somewhat of a transition with two new coordinators and several other staff changes, plus it could take a while for either Kyle Parker or Willy Korn to truly take hold of the offense. It also depends how restless the boosters get. Considering the talent still on the roster, though, there's no reason for Clemson not to be in the hunt for the Atlantic Division THIS year.

Nick and Neil write: Is GT now up to full strentgth in terms of scholarships?

HD: Not quite. Tech is expecting to be up to 80 by the start of the season, but some of those were a few rewards to walk-ons.

Chandler writes: Heather can you please list all of the 59 candidates for the ACC's top 30 players? I would just like to know who all is in the running. Thanks

HD: After they're all out, I'll list who else was considered.

Josh Vega writes: I hope I'm not the only one that noticed how inconsistent and unfair the NCAA can be. How does the NCAA not give FSU wide receiver Corey Surrency one year of eligibility because he played in a semi pro flag football league, then turn right around and grant a 25 year old, 6 year minor league baseball player four years of eligibility at BC. I don't know what the exact rule is for this, but it clearly is not serving its purpose. How and why is this being allowed to happen?

HD: I understand your frustration, Josh, but it's two totally different scenarios (not that I agree with the NCAA's ruling on Surrency, because I don't). The fact is, BC's new quarterback, Dave Shinskie, has four years of eligibility he never used. He didn't go to college yet. He should be able to play and get his degree, too, right?

Jesse Bryant writes: I attended the VTech at UM game last season, where the Hurricanes defense showed their best outing of the season. I wasn't impressed with the Hokies at all. How are the Hokies predicted to be legit title contenders next season? 5th in the nation in some preseason polls? This seems to come out of nowhere, to me.

HD: I was at that game, too, and I picked Miami to win it. I don't know who I'd pick this year, but you're right -- Virginia Tech wasn't a great team last year. And it STILL won the Orange Bowl. After a year of experience, it's only going to be better. What's better than the Orange Bowl? A national championship. Is Tech really that good? We'll find out.