FSU fullbacks evaluating futures

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

FSU fullbacks Marcus Sims and Seddrick Holloway are both taking some time to evaluate their futures at Florida State, offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher said on Thursday. Holloway was excused for some personal issues, but neither has been suspended or are in any trouble. They're both just evaluating their futures, what their roles are and where they want to be.

"Marcus is evaluating what he wants to do," Fisher said. "He's making some decisions about himself, too. He's just at a time in his career, so we'll wait and see how it goes."

A source said Sims is considering transferring to North Alabama, where Preston Parker landed after being kicked off the team. It makes sense, as they will play for Bobby Bowden's son, Terry Bowden.

Overall, though, Fisher said he's the most excited about this team since he arrived on campus. He said he loves their work ethic, and he's seeing a whole new attitude.

"You see a group that's tied together," he said. "Our attitude is tremendous. It's the best since I've been here. Now we've got 11 bowl teams to play, so I don't know if that equates to a lot better record, but I like our chances and where we're going. We're going to get there very quickly."

Fisher sounded especially excited about tight end Caz Piurowski, who will be more involved in the passing game this year and should be a much bigger factor now that they don't need him to help out the offensive line. He also pointed out players like Tavares Pressley and Ty Jones who will help the team take the next step.

The receivers, he said, have learned from their mistakes and he's noticed a difference in their attitude. Their grades are up, they're making better decisions and they understand the consequences of their actions.

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