ACC's best spring QB competition

There's no shortage of competition at the quarterback position throughout the ACC this spring, but one battle will overshadow them all -- Miami' Jacory Harris vs. Stephen Morris. ESPN The Magazine's Bruce Feldman ranked the top 10 quarterback battles going on in the country, and Miami's came in at No. 6. Here's an excerpt of what Feldman wrote:

A year ago at this time, this wasn't even a contest. Harris was the unquestioned leader of the offense as he tried to recover from a thumb injury. However, the spindly, 6-foot-4, 195-pounder never looked quite right in 2010. Too often, he floated passes rather than driving the ball downfield, and a staggering number of those throws went right into the guts of opposing players. His confidence looked completely shot, as if he was a second baseman who couldn't make a simple throw to first.

Feldman's hunch is that Morris will win the job. Coach Al Golden has said that he'd like to name a starter by the end of the spring, if possible. My guess -- and it's purely a guess -- is that Harris is the starter for the opener at Maryland. Experience always wins, and he's got more of it. Plus, the fresh start with the new staff will give him the confidence to move on from his past mistakes. And most importantly, the true competition from Morris will bring out the best in Harris.