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You asked, I answered ...

Brandon in Columbia, S.C., writes: Heather, Do you believe C.J. Spiller has a legitimate chance to be in the Heisman mix this year? I know it will be hard, considering Tebow, McCoy, and Bradford all returned. However, Spiller is a game changer like no other in college football. What can Clemson do PR-wise to up his stock and get everyone talking?

Heather Dinich: Brandon I think the task falls to Dabo Swinney and the offensive line, not the Tigers' PR department. In order for Spiller to even be in the conversation, he has to get the ball more, which I expect him to do. But because of the very names you mentioned returning, his odds are a long shot.

Bob K in Atlanta writes: Heather, how many ACC games will you be attending this fall? Any involving the Yellow Jackets?

HD: I usually go to a game every weekend, Bob. Last year I doubled up on Thursday/Saturday games a few times, too. There's also a Monday night game this year that has caught my interest. And considering the high expectations for the Jackets this year, I'm pretty sure Atlanta will be one of my destinations unless I catch them on the road somewhere.

Mitchell in Atlanta writes: Hey HD first off great blog, keep up the good work. Quick question, I live in SEC country and I keep telling these fans that in three or less years the ACC will be as good if not better than the SEC, what do you think about that?

HD: I think don't push it, Mitchell. There's no question the ACC is getting better, and much of that is a product of better coaches. The conference is closing the gap, albeit slowly. I think the ACC stands a good chance to be among the top three in the country this year. But as good or better than the SEC? Let's wait til' Florida State and Miami beat Florida, Virginia Tech beats Alabama and anybody knocks off LSU. Kudos to Georgia Tech for taking the first step against Georgia.

Gabe in Wheaton, Ill., writes: Hey HD,I love the blog, it's been my saving grace over the summer so far. I read the article you had today in your lunchtime links about Luckett potentially coming back to the Hokies this next year and it made me wonder, how good can the Hokie's receiving core be? As a VT fan I'm really encouraged to see what they can produce since they are also bringing Dillard back from injury, and all of last years freshman have solid game experience. On top of that you've got a much improved offensive line and a quarterback who has also improved his passing game. How good can they be? Also, who do you think will have the best WRs in the ACC? Thanks again for all your hard work!

HD: No doubt this group should be better, but my expectations for the passing game are somewhat tempered until I see that improvement. Dyrell Roberts had a great spring, but the coaches really liked what Xavier Boyce did, so much so he was named one of the top two newcomers of the spring. And don't forget about Marcus Davis, Danny Coale and Jarrett Boykin. There should be some good competition there this summer. With Tyrod Taylor's improvement and their consistency, this group has the potential to be part of one of the most effective offenses in the ACC. There are no excuses this year. As for the best wide receivers in the ACC? My first reaction is to say Miami. Guys like Demaryius Thomas at Georgia Tech and Jacoby Ford at Clemson stand out, but Miami might be the deepest.

Adam in Gaithersburg, Md., writes: Heather,If the NCAA keeps FL. States penalty and Coach B gets the 14 wins knocked from his record, do the other coaches or teams get the wins back on their records?

HD: Nope. Nothing that happens to FSU will affect its opponents' records. That's the difference between vacate and forfeit.