Update on Andre Ellington

Clemson running back Andre Ellington, who will miss spring practices while recovering from a toe injury he suffered against Boston College last year, will be allowed to run again on Monday. Spring practices begin today for Clemson.

"They're going to cut him loose to start running," coach Dabo Swinney said on Friday. "That's exciting. I know he's ready to start picking 'em up and putting them down again. He's been pretty much immobile with that toe for a while. It's not as much a rehab thing as it had to heal. ... It had to stay in a certain spot, at a certain angle and all that kind of stuff. That's the hard part about that type of injury. It's almost like a broken bone.

"He has really healed nicely. The doctors are really pleased with what they've seen and they're going to cut him loose on Monday to start running straight ahead."

With Ellington out and Jamie Harper gone to pursue an NFL career, the spring spotlight will turn to Roderick McDowell, D.J. Howard and Demont Buice. Swinney said Ellington's injury will be a "blessing in disguise" because it will help the staff learn more about those three players and build depth at the position.

"Their tongues will be dragging this spring," Swinney said. "They certainly are going to get a great opportunity to establish themselves and make themselves relevant. It's really up to them to go and prove, 'Hey, don't forget about me.'"