ACC Mailblog

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Let's start with a faithful reader, a.k.a. Pick6Pedro on the boards. The Boston native writes: Heather,No love for the most recent (and hopefully permanent) BC verbal Chase Rettig? As USC's 2nd choice he's bound to have skills. Seen his video and I'm convinced he's a solid pocket passer. As much as I was bummed when Boisture left, I want a kid who wants to be there (sound familiar? hint: Defilipo about Jags/Spaz). Boisture was biding his time until MSU offered. Any chance that Rettig is biding his time until USC offers? While I never put much faith in a kid until he enrolls or signs, it still makes me nervous. Oh well, won't affect 2009, which is what I'm focused on now. Thanks for everything

Heather Dinich: Yes, thanks for bringing that up. Retting is on the ESPNU 150 watch list, and he was also looking at Tennessee. Our guys at Scout's Inc. have a great analysis on him. As for whether or not he's true to his word? Probably as much as any other teenager out there. Your guess is as good as mine, but you're right -- you want guys who want to be there. And as you know, BC needs a solid recruit at that position. Kudos to Spaz and Co. for getting this verbal.

Dusty in Orlando, Fla., writes: Hey HD! A lot has been said about all of Georgia Tech's offensive skill position players returning this year, as well as defensive studs like Derrick Morgan and Morgan Burnett. What you don't hear a lot about is that these guys will all only be juniors this season. What does that say about the 2010 season when they are seniors...national championship? Will these guys that went 9-4 their sophomore year stay around for a third year together or leave for the draft?

HD: Ooh, that's a tough one, Dusty. So hard to predict whether guys are going to leave early or not. It wouldn't surprise me if a few of the Jackets did, Dwyer included. But, in a best-case scenario, if they all stayed, people should be talking about them for the NC. If Virginia Tech is in the conversation right now with what they've got, there's no reason Georgia Tech shouldn't be with what it has coming back next year. The difference between those teams right now is up front.

Speaking of the Hokies, JC in Mobile, Ala., writes: What are the odds of Virginia Tech really winning the game on September 5th against Alabama? (I hope VT crushes them, by the way.)

HD: Oh they have a very good chance, J.C., but I haven't decided who I'm picking in that game yet. Let's see how summer camp goes for both teams. I see it being a defensive game, and it will be the first real test for the secondary (against Julio Jones) without Macho Harris.

Matt in Richmond, Va., writes: HD, Do you think Tyord and Ryan Williams can live up to all the hype this year and what kind of impact do you think that Greg Boone can have especially out of the wild turkey formation?

HD: No doubt, but I don't think Ryan Williams will make everyone forget about Darren Evans, either. Williams is bursting at the seams to get in a game, and he'll be a tremendous player, Evans has a different style and is cool and calm about everything. Boone will have a huge impact for them this season, and last time I talked to him he told me he spent a fair amount of time with the quarterbacks this past spring so I imagine they'll use him again with a few wrinkles.

Bex in DC writes: The trailer for the movie based on the Abbate family and the 2006 Wake football team has been released.

HD: Awesome, thanks for the link.

Carlton Stitt in Wilmington, N.C. writes: When will they do the Tar Heel (NC) state in the coverage of college football 50 states on ESPN (Date)?

HD: Aug. 5.