Checking in on BC: Good news for Herzlich

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

I just got off the phone with coach Frank Spaziani, and linebacker Mark Herzlich just got a positive medical update. Spaz told me that the doctors did an MRI on the tumor, and it's not in the muscle tissue anymore, which is good. He said they're going to use radiation treatment instead of surgery.

"That's all positive news," Spaziani said. "He's still got a long way to go."

Herzlich went golfing on Friday, and Spaziani said he fully expects Herzlich to be cheering on his teammates from the sideline this fall.

"In my brain I've got him going to the games and being on the sideline, unless there's some kind of a setback or his doctors don't allow him," Spaziani said.

The other good news is that linebacker Mike McLaughlin is "progressing well" from his torn Achilles, Spaziani said. Spaziani ran into McLaughlin this morning in the parking lot as McLaughlin was on his way to see his surgeon.

Of course, while I had Spaziani on the phone I had to ask him about his newest quarterback, Dave Shinskie, the 25-year-old minor league pitcher.

"We're trying to get him ready for when the Yankees come in and hopefully we can use him," Spaziani deadpanned.

Seriously, Spaziani likes the athleticism Shinskie brings to the table. But is it realistic to think a guy who hasn't thrown a collegiate pass let alone played in a game in six years can be the difference?

"What's realistic? People have done it before," Spaziani said. "If this situation lends itself. It's not like he's walking into some other programs where ... he's got the athletic skills, let's put it that way. Obviously he's been away from it. We'll see where it goes. The positive side of it, I don't think he's going to be overwhelmed and in awe of it because of what he's been through already. He's got that going for him."

Things seem to be looking up in Chestnut Hill.