Myron Rolle favors paying college athletes

ESPN The Magazine's Bruce Feldman had a lengthy interview with former Florida State safety Myron Rolle on the state of college sports, and Rolle said he is "in favor of paying collegiate athletes." Here is an excerpt of the Q&A with Rolle, who is now with the Tennessee Titans:

"I am in favor of paying collegiate athletes, and I say that because football and basketball -- and I use those two because they're the biggest revenue-generating sports -- provide a lot of finances for the school. They promote the school. They increase enrollment for the school. And the life blood of those sports are the players, who work hard, who train their body and their mind. The athletes are put under a microscope in terms of all their actions within the community and at the school and in class. It's very analogous to a job. I feel the players should be compensated at least at a minimum for the work they do to enhance the reputation, the monies and the prestige of the institution for which they play."