Friday mailblog

Sometimes, the truth hurts ...

John Beall in Atlanta, GA writes: Hi Heather,Enjoy reading your blog and especially when its about my school Maryland. Had to move to Atlanta afterwards but got to work somewhere right? I feel that Maryland isn't getting any National Attention this year. I understand with the new coaching staff and all of that but we do have the ACC Rookie of the Year and many other returning starters. Remember he wasn't even our starting quarterback last year and Danny ends up winning that award and breaking other Maryland records. With Under Armour making us new uniforms and spending money, a solid coach who took UConn to the BCS game last year, I see us being in attention for the ACC Championship. What are your thoughts?

HD: Thanks for reading, but Maryland's "national attention" will remain N/A until the Terps are in the Orange Bowl. I understand they've got some talent on their roster, and Danny O'Brien is a quarterback to be excited about, but with new schemes on both sides and being in the same division as FSU and Clemson -- which both have recruited better -- it's going to be tough for Edsall to surpass last year's results on a consistent basis.

Colt in Tally writes: Hey HD, so, I was looking over the FSU depth chart, and man... WE ARE STACKED! There's only two positions that stuck out as potential problems... offensive line and wide receiver. What do you see being FSU's biggest obstacle keeping them from being national champs? OL or WR? Or something else?

HD: C. Oklahoma.

Al in Durham, NC writes: Thanks for putting up Duke news and insights. I know their record hasn't been good and they surely don't have the following of other programs, but I'm so hopeful they can get over the hump this year. The offense was good enough this past year to have gone bowling if they just didn't drop passes. Several of Renfree's early interceptions should've been caught by our praised receivers. They win the Wake game and I just don't think they lose to Army.I loved the Petri hire! In your experience, how soon can a DL hire make noticeable improvements to such a porous group. I realize the talent gap...realistically, what can we expect?

HD: That's the main concern for David Cutcliffe after an otherwise productive spring, but I agree that if anyone can improve that group quickly, it's Rick Petri. I think he made a measurable difference in Miami's defensive line last year, and I think he'll do the same for Duke. He can help the players compensate for that talent gap by playing fundamentally sound. If they listen to him and execute, I think it could make a difference in Duke's season.

Rob in Fayetteville, NC writes: Hello HD, I was wondering what are your predicaments for upcoming Hokies season? Have a great day HD!

HD: Ahem. Predicaments? Or predictions? Predicaments are plenty -- new quarterback, new defensive line, top two rushers are gone. Prediction? Another 10-win season.

Bryant F in Tampa, FL writes: So what's the deal with the ever-ongoing investigation with UNC? Why is it taking so long to come to a conclusion with what I think cost them a solid chance at the ACC title last year? The NCAA is not being fair what so ever. It didn't take them long to come to a conclusion for more popular programs, such as Ohio State and Alabama, when they learned of their inappropriate actions.

HD: When it comes to the NCAA, Bryant, usually one answer will suffice: I don't understand.