Wake Forest lineman organizes relief drive

Wake Forest starting offensive tackle Dennis Godfrey, a native of Sanford, N.C., was playing in the Deacons' spring game on Saturday when a storm later categorized as an F-3 tore through his hometown. His cousin, Jeff Petty, lost his house and Petty’s mother broke both of her legs, according to a school release. Many friends of the Godfrey family lost their homes and all of their possessions. Godfrey's sister was at the scrimmage while her place of business was destroyed by the storm.

Godfrey has since helped mobilize the Wake Forest campus to collect food and clothing items to donate to the tornado victims. Items can be donated at 5 p.m. Thursday, April 21 on the Wake Forest campus. The collection point will be on Hearn Plaza, in front of Wait Chapel. Godfrey and friends will drive the items to Sanford on Friday.

The drive will be collecting canned goods, clothing, bottled water and toiletry items.

“It really hit home because you just don’t think something like that could happen in Sanford," Godfrey said, according to the release. "But I’m not doing it just for Sanford, but also for the other 26 counties that got hit hard."

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