Experience not necessarily an edge at UVA

Virginia coach Mike London said on Thursday's ACC spring teleconference that just because Michael Rocco and Ross Metheny have game experience doesn't mean they'll win the starting job this year.

London said he won't hesitate to play true freshman David Watford or Michael Strauss -- if either of them prove to be the best.

"I would prefer for whichever quarterback is the best candidate to help us win games manage the team," London said. "... The surrounding cast can help whoever the quarterback is. Obviously the two older guys, Rocco and Metheny, have been in games and played in front of large crowds. Michael Strauss has not. Watford is still using his swipe card to get into the dorm and wondering where the library is."

London said he told his quarterbacks that the biggest gains they can make will happen between now and when they report to summer camp, and all of them are staying on campus this summer to organize their voluntary workouts.

"All of them have something they're very talented at doing," London said. "They just need to separate themselves and do it on a consistent basis and distribute the ball to what I think will be some pretty good skill players."