Terps' more settled on defensive positions

After 10 spring practices, Maryland coach Randy Edsall said he thinks the staff has finally found the right position for every player and determined a way to get the 11 best players on the field, particularly on defense.

The most notable move for Maryland this spring was Kenny Tate from safety to linebacker, but following the most recent scrimmage, Edsall said he also moved Lorne Goree from weakside to middle linebacker and moved Ryan Donohue outside. Edsall said Justin Anderson will be a better tackle than an end.

“You’re just trying to get those pieces so the puzzle goes together,” Edsall said. “With having that done here with five practices to go, but for us, every day is an evaluation.”

Edsall said Tate’s best chance at the NFL will be at linebacker, but every staff has their own ideas for the personnel.

“It all comes down to a personal preference in terms of what I feel and what our staff feels where they can be the best for what we want to do,” Edsall said. “All staffs are going to have their own evaluations and put guys where they think are the best. … I would say it probably took us seven practices to narrow in on all 80-85 guys we have out here right now.”