Boston College looking for leaders

When Boston College met for the first time this spring, it did so without two of the ACC's most recognizable leaders in recent years. Former linebacker Mark Herzlich, who had 41 career starts and was an inspiration to everyone because of his winning battle against cancer, and former offensive lineman Anthony Castonzo, who started a league-high 54 career games, are already missed in Chestnut Hill.

“Replacing people, that never happens," said coach Frank Spaziani. "What happens is somebody takes over for them. They either play better than they did or they don’t play as well. It’s a team game. We obviously lost a first-round draft pick over there [on the offensive line]. We’ve lost three offensive linemen for that matter. We’re young in the line. We have to find out about our players, find out who can play."

Equally as important as their playmaking abilities was their leadership skills, and with a void of fourth- and fifth-year seniors on the roster, Boston College is looking for some new leaders.

"We’re going to need leadership," Spaziani said earlier Thursday on the ACC spring teleconference. "Usually the strength of your program comes in that area. This is where the potholes we’ve been trying to navigate the last few years have to be navigated through this year."