Friday mailblog

Happy Easter.

Cody in Martinsville, VA writes: Heather, I feel as though UVA can win up to 8 games this year and be close in their loses; maybe except for FSU. If they can just have consistant play from any of the four Qbs, they will be fine because of the strong O-line and versitile and dynamic backs Perry and KP. I know that is a long shot...8 wins and all but I could see it. Not saying I couldn't see just 5 or 6 wins either. What are your true thoughts on Virginia's season? Thanks, hope to hear from you soon Cody

HD: You're right, Cody, I think it's a long shot. From "any of the four QBs?" That in itself is a problem. Virginia's offense has no identity yet, and too many of the receivers were injured this spring to get a true evaluation of the quarterbacks. Mike London is good, but I just don't think the program is there yet.

Steve in Florence, SC writes: Heather, do you really think that Clemson can win the first 2-3 games this season with a new offensive scheme and unproven quarterback?

HD: Well, they better win the first two, against Troy and Wofford, or Dabo Swinney is in a lot more trouble then I thought. But if you're asking if I really think they can beat Auburn, yes, I do. It's not the same Auburn team that won the national title, Clemson will have home field advantage, and if that loss last year doesn't motivate them in that game, check for a pulse. I do think, though, that it will take some time for the offense to find its groove.

Jeremy in College Station writes: How will the new NCAA rules prohibiting low blocks on the outside affect Georgia Tech's option offense? Will it limit them, or will it just cause more confusion and complaining like the VT/GT arguments over blocking a couple years ago?

HD: The only real difference is that a backside wide receiver or any other player from that backside cannot come down and block below the waist. He can only do it north-south (meaning parallel to the sideline) or back toward the sideline he was nearest to when the ball was snapped. The bottom line is this won't have much impact on the game because players still can't block below the waist. They just changed the language to make it clearer to officiate by saying that the backside receiver now cannot block below the waist at all.

Toure in Tallahassee, FL writes: I know expectations are really high at Florida Statebut does anyone stand a chance in the ACC against FSU, are you realistic about the run at the national title, and i think Oklahoma is always overrated every year?

HD: The Noles aren't a national title contender until they beat Oklahoma, but the Sooners are my early pick. And yes, the rest of the ACC will give FSU plenty of competition. The Atlantic Division isn't going to be a pushover. NC State and Boston College are going to be better than people think.