Spring shoes to fill: Georgia Tech

Biggest shoes to fill: Quarterback Joshua Nesbitt

Yes, the B-back position is important, and no, the Jackets don’t know who their main ball carrier will be this fall, but because of the depth and experience at the position, it’s not a huge concern. Quarterback, though, should be. Even if Tevin Washington remains the starter, it took Nesbitt more than a year in the system to truly grasp his role in it. He was the heart of the offense, and proved irreplaceable last year when he was injured. Nesbitt completed his career in 2010 as the most prolific rushing quarterback in ACC history, and he set the ACC record for career rushing touchdowns by a quarterback.

Spring replacement: Tevin Washington

He threw three interceptions, lost two fumbles, took three sacks and completed 10 of 26 passes in the Jackets’ spring game, but overall, he had the better spring. Washington reportedly was hampered by a previously undisclosed knee injury, as he tore his MCL in the Independence Bowl and has been wearing a knee brace.

Summer outlook: Washington enters summer camp as the starter, but the spring game revealed his backup, Synjyn Days, is capable of challenging him for that job. Incoming freshman Vad Lee will also be given a chance to compete for the starting job, but he’ll have to learn quickly and have an outstanding summer camp to surpass those who are ahead of him in the learning curve.

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