Virginia's Sewell supports Vick

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- It was hard not to notice the Virginia Tech team colors on the bracelet on Virginia quarterback Jameel Sewell's wrist as he sat and spoke with reporters on Sunday afternoon in the John Paul Jones Arena. The band read: "Support Vick. Forgive and forget. Michael Vick."

Sewell said he is a big fan of the former Virginia Tech quarterback, and used to watch him when he was with the Hokies. Now, Sewell said, he's an Eagles fan.

"I'm just a big supporter," Sewell said. "I still look up to him, regardless of what he did. What he did was wrong, but everybody makes mistakes, so forgive and forget. Let's move on. Let the man play ball."

The same can be said for Sewell, who missed last year for academic reasons.