Wide receiver position 'wide open'

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Virginia is implementing a spread offense under first-year coordinator Gregg Brandon, but after nine days of practice, the Cavaliers still aren't quite sure who will be catching the ball.

"The wide receiver jobs are all wide open," head coach Al Groh said. "They have been from the start. They will continue that way. Some players made some plays [Saturday], which was nice to see. All that means is they have to prove it again tomorrow. ... That doesn't make them different than other positions, but in this case it certainly does apply to the wide receiver spot."

It also applies to the quarterback position, where Marc Verica, Jameel Sewell and Vic Hall are taking equal reps.

That could start to change next Sunday, when Groh and his staff will meet with the hopes of putting "clarity to some of these situations." Virginia scrimmaged on Saturday, but it was closed to the media and no stats were released. The staff, though, has the film to grade.

"As a result of what we saw yesterday, and in grading the tape today, we're going to perhaps put some other players in some other roles -- move one up, or move one down or shift a position to find out whether by next Saturday they can be in the mix or where they should be," Groh said.

He's keeping watch for young players who might be able to help the team out right away, if not by October.

"There are certain positions we can clearly see that the addition of some of these rookie players will be very beneficial to the team at some point," Groh said. "While they might not be high enough on the depth chart for somebody on the outside to say they're going to be factors, we can see if we can bring this player along by October. Maybe that might be the first time he sees action, but all of a sudden at that time he might make the position better."