Friday Mailblog

Don't forget your mamas this weekend ...

Chris in Atlanta, Ga., writes: Seriously. You ranked Duke ahead of Georgia Tech. I know we lost a lot of starters from last year and last year we weren't that great. But under Duke??? Come on. We have Paul Johnson as our Coach.

HD: Yep. And Duke has David Cutcliffe, an equally good coach with a better quarterback right now.

Andrew in Hokie Nation writes: I was watching the college football preview of Virginia Tech and they were talking pretty highly of them, even mentioning the chance at even a national championship run. While I understand that it is not probably going to happen there is a chance. What I don't understand is why people think Florida State is so much better. I agree they're good, but 20 spots better? I don't think so. Can you try and explain why?

HD: Nope. But I can give my take on why not.

Rob in Chicago, Ill., writes: What happened to the pro prospects of DeAndre McDaniel, Safety from Clemson? Two years ago, he was highly touted a a leader of the team. Now, nothing.

HD: I was shocked, Rob, that he went undrafted. I voted for him as an All-America candidate two years ago. I don't think he had a bad season at all. Still one of the best players in the league. But he thinks his stock dropped because of a fractured wrist that will require surgery.

Scott in Avon, N.C., writes: After hearing an interview that Renner gave to reporters after Carolina's Spring game I am wondering if you think UNC has the best 0-line in the ACC? I saw a video you did that gave UNC the nod in the ACC Coastal Division for the bet d-line and o-line. With Ryan Houston back and all those great wide outs and this steller o-line and d-line why isn't UNC top 25 in preseason polls?

HD: Yes, I think the Heels could have the best offensive line in the ACC. As for the Tar Heels' exclusion from most Top-25 lists, I would think that because many look on paper and see they lost 10 starters from last year's team, including a record-setting quarterback and nine players who were drafted. All four starters in the secondary have to be replaced, and I'm not sure some fans realize how much the departed tight ends had contributed. So, there's plenty of questions yet to be answered and lots to prove in Chapel Hill, but I think the Tar Heels will be the first team to sneak into the Top 25 from the ACC.

R Dotson in Hampton, Va., writes: So I guess my questions is this, what is Darren Evens going to do since he has left VT and entered in the draft and wasn't selected?I know a lot of players don't get drafted but get asked to tryout for these teams, but with how the NFL is in lockout status what happens to players like the Darren Evens around the league that left early to enter the draft?

HD: Unfortunately, there's nothing they CAN do but wait and work out until the labor issue is resolved.

Rob in San Diego, Calif., writes: HD, Alex Wujciak undrafted? Are we serious? Does on field performance mean nothing to NFL Scouts and draft experts? All he does is make tackles. I think this is a major slight. Your thoughts?

HD: No, but I do think the draft is more about potential than it is about past production. This snub doesn't surprise me as much as some others.

Matt in Greensboro, N.C., writes: Heather,NC State's recruiting class this past season has been called a "mediocre class" by several publications. Obviously NC State got some immediate help in the kicking game, with a new scholarship punter and kicker. Out of the other incoming true freshman, who do you foresee may get some early P.T. at NC State during the 2011 season?Also, who do you think stands to be the new "go-to" receiver for Mike Glennon now that he has taken over the reins at the QB position at NC State?

HD: Tom O'Brien has said that he hasn't found that "go-to" receiver yet, so it remains a question heading into summer camp. My guess, though, would be T.J. Graham, who had 25 catches last year. As for the recruiting class, you have to start with the punter, place-kicker and snappers, who are all in this class. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine. But one of the best players coming in happens to be a receiver.