ACC poll: Most disappointing team in 2011

Florida State, as you might have heard, is “back.” In only the second season under coach Jimbo Fisher, the Seminoles are projected by many to be a top 10 team this fall, and possibly a national title contender.

Or, they just might win the Atlantic Division again. Or not.

Virginia Tech, as you might have heard, owns the Coastal Division.

The Hokies are the team to beat.

Unless, of course, ECU beats them, just like James Madison did a year ago.

The ACC is infamous for its letdowns. It seems as if every year, at least one team falls below expectations and another loses a dreadful game it’s not supposed to that causes the league embarrassment for at least the month of September. With only two teams likely to be ranked in the preseason polls, the onus is on Virginia Tech and Florida State this year to avoid continuing that trend.

Not that they’re the only programs in the conference with the possibility of having a disappointing season, it’s just more disappointing when more is expected.

And more should be expected from Clemson.

Talent isn’t an issue in Death Valley, but the Tigers have an uncanny ability to lose to a 2-10 Maryland team. It’s baffling. And disappointing. So was the end to Miami’s season last year. And the end to Georgia Tech’s season.