My vote: ACC's toughest player to replace

Last week we looked at which player in the ACC was the most difficult to replace and you had a chance to cast your vote.

My vote: Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor

Making the case for Taylor: Taylor's impact went beyond the field and in the huddle. He was the winningest quarterback in school history, but he was also the heart of the offense and a leader on the team when it needed it most. Last season, when the Hokies lost to James Madison, Taylor was one of the seniors who asserted himself and let the rest of the team know the season wasn't over. He made the right decisions off the field and was a game-changer on it. Taylor's ability to scramble and make plays with his feet likely won't be duplicated by Logan Thomas, as they both have different strengths. Taylor definitely left Thomas a blueprint for success.

Give the guy credit:I don't think you guys gave former Georgia Tech quarterback Joshua Nesbitt enough credit. Nesbitt, while not the most efficient passer in college football, was able to run that offense smoothly by his senior season. It took him more than a year to learn it, to properly execute the mesh, minimize fumbles and manage the entire offense. It doesn't happen overnight, and when the Jackets lost Nesbitt to a broken forearm in the Virginia Tech game, Georgia Tech's season instantly changed.