My vote: ACC's disappointing team in 2011

Not to be a downer or anything, but ... somebody's gonna let you down. Virginia Tech did it. Miami has done it. Clemson is notorious for it. This year? ACC fans think it will be Miami. Think again.

My vote: Florida State

Making the case for the Seminoles: Yes, Florida State got my vote as this year's winner of the ACC championship. But ACC fans want more than that. ACC officials want more than that. The entire conference and its supporters want a national-title contender. They want a win over the Sooners. And while Florida State should be one of the best teams in the country this year, it's not the best team -- Oklahoma is. The ACC needs a marquee nonconference win. It needs a signature Discover Orange Bowl win. Right now, Florida State is the ACC's best hope at both of those, but it all starts with the Oklahoma game, and the trend in those games is for this conference to fall flat. To disappoint. The jump from good to great isn't far for the Seminoles. They're almost there. And if FSU beats Oklahoma, I will be the first to concede the Noles got their Sooner than I had expected.