ACC's lunchtime links

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Mmm. Links.

Miami defensive end Adewale Ojomo had surgery Tuesday morning for a broken jaw and could miss the season opener. Was he sucker punched? There seem to be conflicting reports.

Tim Tebow? Pshh. He ain't got nothin' on Charlie Ward.

There's an overall attitude change at Florida State, and the players' are the ones calling the meeting for it.

Steven Friday is a guy who will come in handy on Saturdays for the Hokies this year.

Georgia Tech safety Cooper Taylor's versatility makes him the perfect wolf.

When UNC coach Butch Davis talks about turnovers, the team listens. It's a proven formula for winning.

BC freshman defensive tackle Dillon Quinn is learning as fast as he can, so he can help the Eagles at one of the spots they need it most -- up front. The ideal situation would be to redshirt Quinn, but the staff might not have that luxury.

NC State will be without third-string tight end Mario Carter for at least the season opener after knee surgery. The Pack is about mid-way through its summer camp, and still looking for answers at a few positions.

Virginia has one important rule for its receivers: If you don't block, you don't play. Lesson learned for Raynard Horne.

Wake Forest joined the ACC injury club on Tuesday when receiver Terence Davis went down with a torn ACL. That could provide a way to get Skylar Jones on the field.

Aside from Jacoby Ford, Clemson's receivers have been an inconsistent group.