FSU's promise keeper

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson should narrow his recruiting pool to Davidson High School in Mobile, Ala. So should every other college football coach in the country.


Because at Davidson High, the recruits stick to their promises.

No, really.

In what was one of the most refreshing recruiting stories I've read in a long time, Jamie Newberg writes about Florida State recruit Alphonse Taylor, an outstanding offensive tackle who will honor his commitment to the Seminoles because his high school coach instilled in him the value and meaning of the word commitment.

At Georgia Tech, it's not unusual to hear that Johnson pulled a scholarship offer on a recruit who committed to his program and then went and visited another program. It's a bold but fantastic policy that others should adapt to help cut down on wavering commitments and ensure that the players make the right choice once.

It's a vicious cycle, though, because you see, even though Florida State got its promise from Taylor, that certainly won't stop the Seminoles' staff from recruiting other athletes who have already committed elsewhere.

Just ask Johnson.