Three reasons it won't be Bowden's last season

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Sooner or later, it's going to happen. Bobby Bowden is going to retire. My guess, though, is that it will happen later than sooner. Here are three reasons why this won't be Bowden's final season:

1. FSU's best is yet to come. The Noles have a chance to be good this fall, but in 2010 they'll have the talent and experience to be great. Now, whether they capitalize on it depends on how focused they are, and if the staff can stay together long enough to get it out of them. Just because Bowden sticks around doesn't mean defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews has to.

2. Bowden still has goals. And yes, a national championship is one of them. He knows what it takes, and if he's convinced the 2010 team has it, why would he sell himself short of the opportunity to find out if he's right? Bowden's made it no secret he wants to win another one before he retires, and unless I missed it, it hasn't happened yet.

3. Joe Paterno is still coaching. The NCAA might be able to erase the dual on paper, but they're still two living legends trying to outdo -- and outlast -- each other. Now, if the NCAA grants FSU its appeal, then this final reason becomes even more important, obviously. The Jimbo Fisher plan doesn't take effect until January 2011. Nobody is forcing either of these men out. And neither of them have anything else they'd rather be doing.