Season of change for NC State offense

Former NC State quarterback Russell Wilson is listed at 5-foot-11. His successor, Mike Glennon, is listed at 6-foot-6. Wilson’s athleticism and ability to run kept plays alive, but Glennon’s ability to make a throw almost anywhere on the field could be a huge advantage for NC State this fall.

The quarterbacks are different, and the offense will look different.

“We will play to the strength of our players,” offensive coordinator Dana Bible said. “What we try to do is feature where our strengths are and minimize where we’re not as strong. The fact that we have a new quarterback this year will mean that there are changes to play to the strength of Mike. But it isn’t just the one position, it’s the entire offense. This year we’re less experienced at the wide receiver position than we’ve been in the past, but we’ve gained experience at the running back position compared to a year ago. It’s the entire offense, it’s not just one position.”

But it’s the position of focus in Raleigh this fall.

The departure of Wilson understandably caused some angst amongst NC State fans, and all eyes will be on Glennon to see if he can build upon the success of last year’s nine-win season. The Wolfpack have an extremely favorable schedule and should be considered a contender again, but Glennon lacks significant starting experience. There’s no question he’s been embraced as the leader in the huddle, and Bible said Glennon has done everything he could possibly do to prepare himself for his first season as full-time starter.

“He has worked hard and prepared himself so he’s done a great job of putting himself in position to be successful,” Bible said. “He’s going to find out and we’re going to find out how quickly the transition occurs. Right now in Mike’s case the most important thing is for him to play in a game, to get into a game and grow from those experiences.”

Yesterday in the Twitter world I asked NC State fans if they held coach Tom O’Brien accountable for Russell Wilson’s departure, or if they have embraced Glennon as their new starter. There were mixed reviews:

@Bullard_ I think TOBs decision showed why he is a great leader. No player is bigger than the team. He did what was best for the program

@AlexThorneDC Wilson wanted to explore baseball and TOB wanted a QB that would lead team through Spring. Can't find fault with either one.

@michaeltheg Total wait & see approach now. All depends on performance of both. It will hurt 2 not see RW in red & white regardless.

@OntheDunk I understand y TOB had to cut RW loose but it will haunt us. Yes TOB is accountable. I accept MG as starter, but expectations low.

@nick_c_snow RW will certainly be missed...but how much he will be missed can't be answered until MG is given a chance to perform.

@dfcf99 TOB is definitely accountable for Russell's departure, nevertheless I have accepted Glennon as our QB & wish the best for all.

@chuckwillis As an NC State fan, I can't fathom how you can let someone that good walk. Glennon better be the real deal.

@wxmoose You can't hold TOB accountable for a kid that can't make his mind up over something.

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