Your take: Lotta love for Atlanta

Thanks for the feedback on your ACC city schools. Atlanta got the most love, Miami fans miss the Orange Bowl, and I didn't hear from many Terps or Eagles. Here were some of the top responses about what you guys like and don't like about your program's location:

Nick in John's Creek, Ga., writes: Hey Heather. I love Atlanta -- so much that I commute about 45 minutes away to work. Everywhere has its cons, but there is so much more to do in my city than any other in the SE. Parking really isn't that much of an issue in my opinion. I've never been to any other stadium where I didn't have to walk for at least a half mile to the field.

Greg Dasher in Dallas, Texas, writes: I am a die hard FSU fan and previously lived in an Atlanta subburb. I loved it when FSU played in Atlanta, especially at night. What a beautitful downtown view from the stadium! You can ride into town on MARTA, grab something to eat at the Varsity and head over to the game. While it is not Tallahassee, it is cool in its own way.

Jeff in Savannah writes: I can guarantee you that there is good tailgating to be had for a Georgia Tech game. And I also have no doubt that after the whistle blows, I am in my car and on the interstate headed home long before many of the 93,000+ fans that are trying to get out of a log-jammed cow pasture in Athens. And watching a night game at Bobby Dodd among the surrounding skyscrapers of midtown...please there's no comparison.

Peter in Atlanta, Ga., writes: FSU fan here, but there's nothing quite like east-facing seats at a Georgia Tech game in Bobby Dodd with Midtown Atlanta skyscrapers towering in the background. Especially Late Fall with a brisk, cool air blowing through. The setting is an odd, stimulating blend of old southern football tradition and Modern metropolis.

EB in New York, N.Y., writes: Urban Schools -- I'm an FSU alum that grew up in S. FL and and married a Cane so I've been to a lot of UM home games in the Orange Bowl and at Joe Robbie Stadium (I'm going to call it JRS forever), and I've always felt bad for the UM students. There is a lot to do in S. FL/Miami and going to Canes home games, unless they're at the top of the rankings, isn't one of them for most of the kids there. I remember students asking me how to get to their stadium and looking across the field at an unfilled student section. It doesn't help that they now play in a NFL stadium miles, and inconvenient miles away from the UM campus in Coral Gables. Oh well, GO NOLES!

Kyle in NYC writes: I love BC's Boston location. There are tons of bars and restaurants in Boston, so there's always something to do after the football games. I've always seen BC's location as a strength, it's one of my favorite things about the school.

Fred Smith in College Park, MD writes: I really don't like MD being near two NFL teams. It really makes us lose fans. But maybe with the lockout we will get some more fans. Go TERPS!

Paul Brill in West Deptford, N.J., writes: Heather, Not an alum of the "U" but my son is a recent grad. Been to a few games at the Orange Bowl and Sun Life Stadium. Great atmosphere, but would be 1000% better with an on campus stadium. Problem is where to put it. Not enough students go to the games, because of the need to ride buses 20 miles from campus to the stadium.

Jason in Greenville, S.C., writes: As a life-long Miami fan, I can say that there are tons of things to do other than go to Miami Hurricanes games. But none of that matters if the team is winning. The only handicap college teams really face in big-city markets is filling the stadium when they're mediocre. If you have $250 to spend on game tickets for your family and you live in Miami, do you go to see a mediocre Hurricanes team play a mediocre Maryland team, or watch the Heat play the Lakers/Bulls/Mavericks, or watch the Dolphins play the Patriots/Jets/Bears/etc. In Clemson (or insert Tuscaloosa, Lincoln, Champaign, West Lafayette, Blacksburg, Ann Arbor, Athens, Gainesville, etc.) you have the choice of going to a Clemson game or going cow-tipping. OK, that's a joke, but it's not too far off, especially if you figure in the COST of the other activities.But if you win, you sell tickets. Look at Southern Cal last decade or Miami in 2000-2002.That's just my 2 cents. Thanks for all the hard work you do, Heather! I enjoy the blog...