UNC issues take backseat on national stage

Never in my career have I seen such a damning document from the NCAA presented to an athletic department.

Yet despite the nine allegations facing North Carolina, the news was more like a whisper throughout the college football landscape than the loud, in-your-face headlines about Jim Tressel and Ohio State. In fact, it's arguably still in the shadows of NCAA-related news that continues to emerge out of Oregon.

The ACC can't even get national love when it breaks the rules.

The mediocrity of North Carolina's program and the conference it plays in will allow UNC officials to muck their way through the rest of this investigation and sanctions without it becoming the public relations nightmare Ohio State, Auburn and USC endured. North Carolina has made more national headlines for the NFL talent it has recruited that didn't play last year than it has for anything it's actually done with that talent on the field.

With the exception of the Big East, North Carolina and the ACC have taken the backseat in recent years to the other BCS conferences.

Nationally, this investigation will, too.