Fun with ACC fantasy football ... free!

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

I need some competition! Think you can beat me in ESPN.com's College Football Challenge? I just signed up for it (it's free!) and picked my ACC team. It wasn't easy, but after much deliberation I went with Clemson's defense as my team defense over North Carolina's.

You can change your team each week, as long as you make the change before game time. The points-based scoring system revolves around an eight-slot roster of quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, team kicking and team defense. You can also play in up to three conferences. I'll stick with the ACC, and I'll probably change my mind on several of my picks before the season starts next week. (What would I do without the "Edit" button in my life? I know, I know, use it more.)

Also, if you're looking for a player who is missing, please let me know in the mailbag. Our guys did a great job of going through every single roster for all 120 FBS teams, but as you might imagine, that's a lot of players to account for.

Have fun and may the best ACC blogger win.